Lotto Nation is a first-of-its-kind, decentralised lottery platform run on the blockchain and powered by A.I, that allows companies, charities, and individuals to set-up their own lottery and connect with players through the most reputable and acknowledged technology.

Our mission is to become the best fully licensed blockchain lottery in the world and we’re in the first step of bringing our vision to life with the new generation of lottery built on the Ethereum blockchain.



Lotteries run on smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling thousands of fast and transparent transactions.



Winners Group brings 20 years of experience offering lottery solutions to players around the world.



The platform is decentralized, making it independent, anonymous, and secure for players, charities and lottery operators alike.



New varieties of lottery games, an emphasis on the mobile experience, and trustful ticket pooling make Lotto Nation the most disruptive solution in the modern lottery market.



Everything is done on the blockchain, so it’s borderless and accessible to anybody with an internet connection and brings a social aspect by allowing people to play the lottery together.

Solving problems to capture
the growing market

The universal fantasy of overnight riches has turned the lottery business into a $300B market that’s on pace to reach $393B by 2023.

But the industry has some big problems:

– Options are limited by location
– Jackpots are too small and infrequent
– Scams have eroded trust
– Hidden fees and slow payouts make for a bad user experience
– No innovation to stimulate social activity in the era of social media

1st platform of its kind

Enabling companies, charities, and individuals to launch their own lotteries with custom features to meet their specific needs.

Setting up a new lottery is quick and easy, but its potential is practically limitless thanks to unique features such as:

Instant Lotteries for Peak Engagement

Personalized lottery syndicates can have up to 10 daily draws from international lotteries and up to 60 instant draws an hour, keeping players engaged and entertained non-stop.

Insurance Model Enables Higher Jackpots

Our unique insurance model mitigates the risk of paying out large jackpots for businesses or charities. This makes it safe for people to not only start their own lotteries but to set high jackpots that can compete with existing lotteries.

Social Integration to Make Lotteries Viral

Bringing social connectivity helps lotteries draw in more participants while nurturing greater trust and engagement than ever before. Changing how fundamentals of how people play the lottery.

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