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Revolutionizing online
lotteries with blockchain

Launch a custom lottery in minutes on the global, decentralized, transparent, and hyper-connected Lotto Nation platform.


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Innovative features

Appealing directly to millennials through instant games, daily draws, and social interactions with players across the globe.

No scams or faulty operators. Blockchain technology and smart contracts ensure unparalleled transparency to win the trust of users.

1st platform of its kind

Enabling companies, charities, and individuals to launch their own lotteries with custom features to meet their specific needs.

Team & partners

Lotto Nation is a Nordic company providing an innovative next-generation software solution designed to enhance the experience of participants and continue to be the meeting point between technology, fairness and entertainment.

We have a unique approach to innovate and modernise the lottery industry due to our extensive knowledge about the sector and our successful track record in working with international organisations such as Lycamobile, Make a Wish Foundations and Crown, to name a few.

Lotto Nation is not only supported by a team of extraordinary people with ample experience in everything from design to cybersecurity to software development, customer relations and strategic planning.

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